is owned and operated by Thunderbird Super Coupe Enthusiast, Tim Groth of Roanoke Virginia. An avid collector, Tim has owned his fair share of Thunderbirds and Cougars throughout the years. Currently his collection consists of 3 Thunderbird SC's that he maintains and enjoys year round.

During his time of ownership, many cars have passed through his hands as parts cars, where he's helped out the local enthusiast club members of SCCoA and TCCoA, by selling quality used parts at very reasonable prices.

In order to centralize the selling of used parts to the MN12 community, was designed to bring everyone's needs to one location on the web. Where the goal is to continue to bring fellow enthusiasts quality used parts at great prices for years to come.

Some of Tim's Projects and Cars

1994 Ford Thunderbird SC Auto - Teal on Mocha Auto SC:

My diamond in the rough find of 2009. This car was on its way to the scrap heap when my brother n law came a crossed it in the Roanoke Valley. She was in pretty bad shape with faded paint, banged up body, trashed interior and poor overall condition. Seeing the car has a good running drive train and the rest was mechanical I picked her up and the make over began.